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I bought a SL from a bargain store for $7 with a banged up box. I just bought my battery from wal-mart and charged it up. I inserted the battery and pushed the start button to only see one motor spining. When I power up only the right motor spins. When I hit the right stick nothing happens (wrong) and when I hit the left the right motor spins(correct). When I am in novice and I go left or right nothing spins but the throttle will operate. The elevator seems weak but does work. I have taken apart the motor and saw that no voltage is being applied to the left motor. The right motor has variable voltage with the position of the throttle stick. My question is, is there anything I can check to see if something is shorted or anything, or maybe direct me to a schematic of the board. The board has no obvious defects and all the wiring looks good. I refuse to pay Wal-mart prices for this so buy a new one is not an option, after all I already paid $30 for the battery. Thanks in advanced for your help.