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Default RE: Servo for Landing Gear Doors ?

On paper, your plan should be fine. If you use a Jomar door/gear sequencer, there are connections for door and gear servo's, as well as a pair of potentiometers that you use to adjust the servo speed for both the gear and door actions.

That's on paper... I haven't tried it on a plane as yet. My Bonanza will use a servo to open the inner gear doors, then retract them after the gear goes down. The servo linkage for the inner gear doors is simple, and all I did was tie the outer doors to the struts. In theory I could use a servo(s?) to do the nose gear doors, but space limitations make this difficult, so all I'm going to do is a hinged door that the gear pulls shut as it closes.

And since I'm in the middle of the prime/sand/prime/sand (repeat multiple times!)/paint cycle, how it really works 100 feet off the ground is probably a couple of months out.