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Default RE: Experienced Pilot going backward for peace of mind


If you are looking for a good, easy flying airplane, IMHO you can't beat a Hangar 9 Ultrastick. I learned to fly on a 60 size Ultrastick with a Saito 100 on it. I have flown all three sizes and the 60 size is my favorite. You can build it with or without quad flaps, but I'd suggest you build it with them. The plane doesn't seam to be affected by the wind as much as other planes and an OS91FS should fly it around just fine. It's not what I would call a 3D airplane, but you can have an awful lot of fun playing around with the flaps..

If you can find one, a 60 size Ultrasport is another excellent choice, if you dont mind building a plane from a kit. My winter project for next year (time permitting) is to build the kit I have and put my YS91 in it. It should be AWESOME.

OK, thats my 2 cents worth.

Fly safe and have fun!!