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Default RE: Experienced Pilot going backward for peace of mind

Yeah a Stick is a blast as long as you build it without dihedral. Flat or even with some anhedral.
They're a bit samey though, the flight envelope isn't so broard.
You're barking up the right tree with the Tiger 60 though. If there's one in the local HS just get it.
If you extend the moment (set the stab/fin further back) say 2 inches and drop the engine trust line an inch it become even more remarkable.
Tracks like a pattern plane and lets you get the GC right back where it should be without a hint of snappiness. Lovey relaxed rolling circles, super slow flight envelop yet really locked in and precise when you need to put in a show.
One of the nicest things is it looks so retro and boxy trainer... which is exactly the type of thing you need to show if your flying skills.
Even today you'll still find many owners of flash and expensive hardware go very quite after been should up by the old Tiger.
Build it as a tail drager.