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I just bought the February issue of RC Model World and on page 32 there is a picture of a RC Parachutist. It is from the Oudtshoorn Scale Meet. Is that of picture of your jumper? Were there other RC Skydivers there? Keep up the good work.
Yes that was me[8D], we were lucky enough to have Tony from Traplet here as a VIP. Tony did a great write up of the event and our town with all its tourist attractions. Oudtshoorn Scale is the biggest event of its kind in South Africa, where scale planes from all over our country get together for 4 days of flying and fun. I'm lucky it is my home town and that we are the host club of this event.

I didn't expect to get into the magazine at all but have been bombarded with questions ever since it appeared. We did a double drop (two divers at once) mine had the flag, the other diver opened lower than I did so he did not make it onto the photo. The other chute is my own design and works very well but I'm still tweaking it before I start production.[]

Thanks for the comments, you guys are welcome at our event, we'll just need a big drop plane. The exchange rate is all in your favour: 1 Euro = 9.80ZAR (South African Rand) and 1$ = 7.80ZAR (South African Rand)