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Default RE: Experienced Pilot going backward for peace of mind

This is the exact reason I still have my Tiger2 and just aquired an ACE 4-40 plane to restore a plane to my "hanger" that I loved to fly.

Some days I want to burn holes in the sky, Some days I want to see exactly what a plane and I can do and some days I just want to go nuts with a plane. For these days I will fly a fun fly or my Stinger 120. Then there are those days when I just want to take a plane up (like a nice summer evening) and fly and burn up some fuel with a plane that is inheriently graceful in the air. On that day I will either be flying the Tiger 2 or the Ryan STA and hopefully soon the 4-40.

As for will be Tiger 2 be boring. No the plane is not boring if you slightly tail weight it. You can do just about every normal stunt in the book and toss it around. The snap rolls may not be as tight and you won't be able to hover and a knife edge is a little hard to hold but remember too the plane was not designed for it and neither is 4 star. The something extra may be a better choice if you want more aerobatic capability.

ORIGINAL: Gringo Flyer

I understand it. I have several planes that I think are set up well and fly great. But I do sometimes like to bring the trainer back out and just putt around. I like to take it up high, chop the throttle to idle and let it glide around nice and easy. My 3D plane doesnt do that particularly well.