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Default Hitec Laser 6 and H9 Ultra stick 60

I am in the process of putting a H9 Ultrastick 60 together. I've set up for flaps and ailerons. I'm planning on using a Hitec Laser 6 as the transmitter. OK so las night I had the radio and servos set out on the table with the intention of getting things straight in my head before I start running wires and screwing the servos in place. I've got Y connector cables for the servos and I think that this may be my problem from what I can see when I move the aileron stick both servos move in the same direction. The same happens when I move the Flaps. From my look at it I'll need to connect the control linkage on the same side for each servo. Example if the control horn is pointed inboard on the left side then it should also be on the right side. From what I can noodle on this the Y cable will make the flaps work proper but my flaps are going to move like ailerons and not flaps. I am using HS325HB servos. Is there a way to rewire the Y connector so the servos on the y connector rotate oppisite and both flaps will rotate down with the flaps control.

Am I seeing this right or am I over thinking things.

Thanks in advance for the help.