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Default R.I.P Funtana---New plane question

Today was a great day to go to the field. I loaded up the family an planes(Funtana 40,nexstar)an off we went.I took the buddy box just in case the daughter or wife wanted to take a spin with the nexstar.Fired the nexstar up an flew a tank out an decided it was time to fly the funtana. I was rolling out when it freaked out the first time.I was feeding just a lil bit of right rudder into it when it made a sudden hard left just as the tail was coming up, went ahead an took off. While flying straight an level it was imposible to trim the elv. It was just all over the place. But other than that things were great. Tward the end of my flight about 10 min. in. I stuck it on its tail an went up about 200 or 300 feet an hit the rudder an turned around. From there the elve. would not respond at all. It was headed straight down. I tryed rudder aileron, anything to keep it from going in like a lawn dart. Nothing worked, so i just brought the engine idle down then trimed it till it stoped running. Then all i could do was watch.-----------Big box of tooth pixs now. The Rx was a fataba 127 i bought rite here used. Battery was at 5.2 volts. Freaq checker said there were no other active ch. Sucked

But i have done what the rest of the addicts that fly models do. Looking for a new place to put my motor an servos in. I have a saito .72 an 5-531 servos. I'm looking at the phoenix Extra 300 46. Looks like a nice lil plane. would my servos an my engine make this plane perform to its abilitys? An does it use a single servo for the main wing, or one on each side?

Any feedback would be great