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Default RE: My first XR8 Kit

Ok, here is where am at so far. The instructions are terrible. Many parts are labeled with the same item number, but yet are different. The drawings contradict build up and sometimes steps are not printed in sequence. I have had to go back a few steps in assembly because there is no way to assemble some parts like the sway bars or rear arms. The pinion gear combination is not labeled as to which is for the front or the back. I figured it out because the belts were too tight. The kit itself is of very high quality, all parts fit well without problems. The only thing I should bring up is the brake Arm, for being a kit it should have been 7075 metal than plastic. The brake arm takes a lot of punishment for a car that is going to be doing 80 mph, so of course I have to get a metal one. Its just lame that can be had as an upgrade when this kit is an upgrade high end version of the XR80.

Settings: One of the hardest things to take about this kit is there is NO, I mean NONE, reference to settings. It does not specify the adjustments for the camber, caster, length of the arms with the ball ends, travel. It only tells a little about steering and sway bar length, but thats it. Usually kits explain a minimal starting point for the arm length and travel, this kit I am on my own. I know I will be spending time dialing the suspension, its part of the hobby I guess.

Customer service is great; I called them today and answered all my questions without hesitation. Now I have to decide which body to buy...