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First of all , the pictures are not taken by me , I forgot to charge the battery of my camera ( "Dumbo" )
The photos are from a member of the hosting club ( Modelvliegclub Bergeijk ) don't know his name .

Yep this time it was for score ,
A brief explanation of the so called "RULES"

1/ Have FUN .
2/ Visible free fall . ok 0 points not ok 20 points
3/ 360° left turn . ok 0 points not ok 100 points
4/ 360° right turn .ok 0 points not ok 100 points
5/ Landing approach .
a:Landing in the direction of the wind . ok 0 points not ok 200 points
b:Fly the jumper in , no suicide landing . ok 0 points not ok 250 points
6/ Landing score is depending on where you have the first touchdown
a:On the flying site ( most of the time in the flight briefing you are told what is counted as flying site ) 1000 points
b:in a square surrounding the final circle 700 points
c:In the circle ( 500 cm ) measuring from the center of the circle , the more distance the more points .

Over here in Europe you have to tray to keep the score low, in the USA it is the opposite of it ,
and most important difference is the circle ! in the EU they count every cm
in the USA the circle is divided in 3 or 4 zones

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