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Default RE: My first XR8 Kit

This is my second to 3rd day. The assembly is very slow do to crappy useless instructions. I have built most of the car by looking at pictures from the Power Racing website and some common sense. A few things dont make sense like the servo tray for steering is somewhat small. The kit recommends a high torque servo, but when I am trying to install it the box is too small. I had to dremmel on the box on each side for the servo to fit. The servo saver barely touches the front belt and I had to shave it down a little on the outside diameter. As you can see I am missing the gear that connects the front to the back. Is the empty shaft on the back suspension. I called the company and they just sent me one for free, so no biggie.

The fuel tank floats and is not firmly supported, I had to cut a piece of fuel line and install right at the edge, now it is snug tight. The kit has minor details it missed, but overall it is very clean. I have spent more time figuring out how to assemble and with what parts do to the mediocre instructions. I am taking pics and making my own troubleshooting XR8 manual for future reference.