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John Sedovic
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Hi Spinbotz,

These are the general rules for RC Skydiving here in the USA. The rules are quite different in Europe.

1) The diver must exhibit some amount of free fall (5 points).

2) The diver must make a 360 degree turn to the left and to the right
(10 points) to demonstrate full control of the diver.

3) after the above conditions have been met, the diver can try for a
target landing. The target is painted on the ground with the center a 2' bulls eye.
Four more circles were drawn around the center each with a 2' greater
radius. The center counts 100 points, next circle 80, next 60, next 40,
next 20, and 10 points for anywhere on the grass field as designated by
the CD.

At this URL there is a picture of Wil Jones after he hit the center of the target area. It also shows the way the circles are laid out. You have to go down the page a little bit. http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_1326487/tm.htm

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