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Default RE: Covering on Nexstar

Having completed 5 covering jobs now, 4 with Monokote and one with Sig Aerokote, I have to say I'm learning to like the Monokote. Its taken a while to learn how to work with it, but if you recognize some things, its pretty easy to work with.

First off, regarding wrinkles along edges, I've found that by working slowly and carefully, and tacking it down at the halfway points, working my way until the entire edge is tacked down, I get wrinkle free edges. For corners and curves, don't be afraid to pull it. Use a heat gun, heat it quickly while pulling hard and it stretches quite well. Just be careful not to warp wings. Work with as big a piece as you can to minimize seams. Get it taut, seal the edges as described above, then use the heat gun to shrink it. Give yourself an overlap on all corners. 1/8" should be enough. I think most problems with Monokote are caused by working to fast and setting the heat gun to hot. Take your time and you will end up with a nice, tough covering. I think the coverings that stretch easier at lower temperatures sacrifice the strength.

Bottom line - find what you like and have fun.