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Default RE: Tiger 2 and OS 55

I have both the OS .46AX & the OS .55AX. The weight is within an ounce. The .55 is not going to be a screamer because it was designed more as a torque engine. That is it won't like small props. You need to think of it as a junior .61, rather than an over sized .46. I think OS is responding to a couple of things. First, scale and also 3D planes like larger props and torque to turn them. Second, a larger prop, turning at a lower rpm will produce less noise. Both of these things are desirable in today's market. As an example, the OS .46FX will turn a small prop faster than the newer AX. For running on a Jett tuned muffler, you would run the FX, or the TT .46 Pro, on a 9-7. The AX will use a 10-7 for best speed on the same tuned muffler. The .55AX was designed like the .46AX, in my opinion.

I think the .55AX will work very well in a Tiger 2. I would start with an 11-7 or 12-6, then, if you have ground clearance, go to a 12-7 or 12-8. If not, try an 11-8. You won't get the scream of an engine on a small prop, but you will get the speed and climb. Don't mistake noise for speed. Compare your plane to another in the air or have someone else judge the speed.