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Default RE: My first XR8 Kit

The tuned pipe is no bling bling (I Know). Hey I am on a budget from the Kit purchase. This weekend will buy the golden tuned pipe from Power Racing which is on sale at my LHS.

Flywheel bump starting is a breeze, proper clearance from donut to the flywheel. As you can see the bolts look different; the kit brings 6 bolts of 4mm x 8mm and I decided to swap a few for 10mm and 12mm for a more secure fit.

At least this kit offers a receiver tray, Serpent does not have any. The receiver box is very small and to route the wires I made a small hole on the bottom. Before I forget, a 5 cell AAA battery pack is needed. The typical flat or hump battery pack used on buggies or 1/10 On Road touring cars will not fit. The car is big, but they want to cramp everything as low as they can to lower the center of gravity; Serpent and XR8 have the same battery setup.

I was going to install the LRP .28, but decided to go with the O.S. .21. Its my first On -Road car and wanted something more driveable.

The manifold coupler cost me $15.00, its weird looking but does it job well.

Ok, here I really start to complain. The settings of a centax clutch are a nightmare to anyone who has never messed up with ever. Like I just said; the manual is worthless explaining proper settings. Serpent website has a PDF file from the Serpent 950 and 960 that has all settings in detail. If you are planning on doing this kit, print the PDF from Serpent, its 32 pages long with plenty of info from clutch, shocks, suspension, belt tension etc. The clutch would not engage; it was a nightmare, I tore it apart like 5 times checking proper shim clearance which is about .5mm. The centax clutch uses a spring to adjust engagement. I think Power Racing sent me the wrong one because it did not matter how loose the bolt was it was still not engaging. You know what? Dremmel time, break it or fix it... Cut half a loop on each side of the spring and installed it again. Walla; works like a champ. Adjusment is a breeze and grips the bell on demand. The springs are no tech item so this weekend will go to the hardware store that has tons of springs and play with them to test different setups.

Brake feel is responsive, crisp; makes the XR8 stop on a dime. Remember to break them in. Do the same for the belts, dont just drive it like a maniac right out of the box. Let the belts and brakes go almost the same amount of tanks of a brand new engine; maybe 4 to 5.

So far I drove it in front of my house. I bet the neighbors will not like my new toy. It was accelerated to almost half throttle and it would feel as if the car was just floating, very light and nimble at the same time menacing. I just cant explain; I know the car will rip the road badly. Its very tempting to go full throttle, just cant cause engine is on break in as well as the belts and brakes. For a $350.00 kit compared to a Serpent that run for $600.00 the kit is not bad at all. I have driven 1/10 touring cars, buggies, trucks and nothing compares to this. Its like learning to drive again. The most difficult part starts now; dialing the suspension and having to buy a tire truer, LOL (like $200.00).

I saw a Serpent at the store and looked almost identical or even somewhat better. I do recommend to use the instructions from Serpent website and a better set of tyres as these one seem too brittle. Will post more info once I pass the break in and get my new body.