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Default Diagram for a retard.

HI everyone,
could someone help me out please as I am on my first ever RC airplane build (without instructions/drawings),
Over the last few weeks I have gathered together what parts I think I need to make my aeroplane fly.

Now what I really need Is for some kind person to show me what to connect to what.

1' ESC with rx connector, battery connector,motor connector,and an on off switch
2' Three servos
3' 1 futaba switch harness with third charge lead and an on off switch.
4' Motor (I realise this will connect to the ESC motor end)

Ok I'm not a totall retard,with a little guidance and a shove In the right direction I will be fine,Ohh and I'm very good at soldering.

Now for the questions.

1' should I have two batterys onboard the plane(1 for motor[li-po],1 for servos[rx ni-cad battery].
2'What does the ESC on off switch ,switch off ?.
3'What does the futaba switch harness switch ,switch on and off.

I know the servos and ESC connect to the Rx,
but just what the hell do all these switches do ,or do I have to many switches.

Any help Is most appreciated.

Paul (aka retard).