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Default RE: Where to find 1/6 Scale F4U Decals?

Printing your own decals you will quickly run into problems.

-inkjet-printed decals need to be clearcoated before and after applying. More work, plus twice the paint will give you twice the yellowing-effect over time.
-decals are not opaque, background will shine through in most cases
-you cannot print in white (e.g. skull and crossbones)

I have done this inkjet-thing, but quickly gave up because results were more like amateur decals than professional markings.
Decals need to be made on thermal transfer solid ink machines in order to get satisfactory results. These need only a clearcote after being applied and are totally opaque. Plus they can print in white also.

As to the "scaling". I usually work with 1/32 scale decals for plastic models and scale them up. HOWEVER just increasing the size does not hack it. The images need to be vectorized by hand, meaning A LOT of work. I'm in the process of doing a small "how to" over in the jet section, the thread is titled something about a tiger meet F-18....feel free to have a look.
After this is done, these decals can be printed in any scale on the special machine. Result is a decal that is very similar to the ones in plastic revell kits.

Concerning the F-4U in 1/6: my old man is currently putting together a 1/6 F4U and will be dressing it up in the Ira Kepford "29" markings. Decal files are growing slowly at the moment.....if you have plastic model decals and/or pictures showing the difference in these markings, then i can offer to print up a set for you in solid ink.
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