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Default RE: My first XR8 Kit

PRO: Thank you very much, I appreciate everybody liked the step by step. I was new into the 1/8 On Road so you had to bear with me if I sounded to rookish, LOL. Like I mentioned before the 1/8 its very good, but it is not to the level of a Serpent. Maybe it could go head to head with someone depending on who is the driver and settings of each vehicle.

VA: I talked a few times with customer service and they were not bad at all. One part was missing and they did not ask for receipt or phone number of hobby shop etc. They still have plenty of parts and I know there is another store besides them who sells replacement parts.

About the body; I bought for now the one from the XR80. I REALLY wanted to drive it and noticed the body was solid enough compared to others. The more racing oriented is the body the lighter they tend to be to save weight. Soon will be getting in the mail the Porsche 962 EV2 body, its my favorite.

At least for me I am experiencing the foam tires dont stick well when driving it on parking lots. It may sound crazy, but I drive around town looking for CLEAN parking spots, Can you believe that? If I drive it someplace that is not clean that car gets nasty and combined with nitro burned oil it all becomes a big mess. I wish the car would always stay spankin clean, but I did not buy this one to become a shelf queen like all the others I have. Currently I clean it with a dry paint brush and a toothbrush.

Kurt, what viscosity of oil did you use in yours?