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Default RE: My first XR8 Kit

ORIGINAL: annie_himself

Very nice write up. Do you think the car is worth bashing/parking lot racing or should it be a track car only?
The PRP was specifically made for those who'd like to enter 8th onroad circuit racing that can't afford to spend $500+ on a kit. A friend of mine ran his a while back with the VZR II motor and it is a nice ride, but overall if you want to get real serious then look at the top 3 vehicles on the market. The car is similiar to the others and can share some parts, but I'd only use springs and or shocks. Some like using the 600wt oil with Mugen white springs, or the Kyosho Evolva blue springs. If you want to bash then get the RTR version as it'd be better suited for some non track fun. The kit that PSI has is the race version. Just remember these cars primarily take foam tires and the only set of rubber tires, rain tires, are sold overseas though nowadays barely used anymore.

PSI- For bodies the Protoform Lola T530 is a good start. Others like the Kyosho dome and the Parma M bodies. The Whips I is good, but not roar legal and quite light so it'd tear pretty easily in a crash. They are making the Whips II which is roar legal and stronger than the first version. Definately see if you can get a used .21 circuit motor somewhere as that RG is gonna be quite slow in that car especially since its a buggy motor - it'd lack top end. If only I wasn't using my Nova Top in my MRX4 I'd get the rebuild kit for it and sell it to you so you can experience some real speed. [8D] Good luck with the car and let us know how you do with handling it on the pavement.