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Default RE: My first XR8 Kit

I use it for bashing on parking lots.

I guess it can be used for track only as well, but like Saboteur mentions it would be better to grab a Serpent 950. Dont get me wrong customer support is great and plenty of parts available at a reasonable price compared to the Serpents. I think that with the proper dialing and experienced driver this car can keep up with the rest on most tracks. The only thing is missing is the engine side (right side of car) that does not have the metal chassis brace and the brake lever is made out of plastic. They sell it as an upgrade for the XR8 which I see it lame because the XR8 is suppose to be the upgraded one. The rest of the car is almost exaclty the same in tuning capabilities. In fact it has so many that I dont know what affects what, so I go with an eye approximate for camber caster and test it. Maybe later I will by one of those set-up tuning stations, but I am good for now. Tha brake discs, front sway bar, design of the 2 speed transmission. The chassis on the XR8 is ridiculously thick and light. I took it to HoobyTown to see if I could find any LOLA body. You know how they are used to sell only Traxxas, HPI, Kyosho and Tamiya; one of the clerks saw the chassis and was amazed on how thick it was. At least its kind of cool when I get compliments from people who work at the shop. I had a chance to put it side by side with a Serpent and the differences were minor, but I think it was a Serpent 910 or 905 something like that. For me the most difficult thing is finding a good parking spot where I dont get harrased by the building or area security guards. Nearby it has tons of executive communication offices and the spots are pristine with almost no bumps and exceptionally clean. Security guards kick in late at night so I try to get out by 8 or 9 pm.

I have not been in tat store, I live in Nor Cal, its somewhat a long drive.

Its a hassle to clean it afterwards, I will post some pics after bashing it, its not cool at all.

The .21 OS RG is not that fast, it is reliable. I am trying to get a feel for the car and learn how to drive it on how it is going to react etc. Once I learn how to tweak it and what the car does not like I will get a real On Road engine. I will look into the one you suggested and see if maybe I can get it cheap. Remember I am still recovering, the credit card bill just arrived, thats just the way it works for me and got to keep it low key (and not to obvious) with sporadic purchases so my wife does not suspect although she knows more than that, LOL.