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Default RE: Blue Max on Cinemax (ww1)

thats what made saveing private ryans soo good. there wasent any love crap and it showed what real war is about(not that thats a good thing) but if ther was a flying move like SPR i would have to say people would go to see it. pearl harbour was visually stunning but the only good dog fighting sceens are during the battle of britan and it was only 10 mins long[sm=thumbs_down.gif]im not saying that i like killing but it is fun to watch a plane go mono a mono with out any heat seeking rockets(thats cheating)and it good to show people what happend and how we kept our freedom some great pilots arent even known. during wwI there was a canadian pilot who took on 30 german planes , shot down 3 and managed to escape with a bullet in his elbow and one in his pelvis now that is crazy. he had a unrecorded 78 kills that is nuts there is one book that mentions his name in it, only one. this guy was better than billy bishop but due to the fact he wasent well like they kept him out of history books. it may seem like im rambeling on but the point there is alot more guys like him who know body knows and it would be very easy to make a movie( a good movie) about these pilots.
Atlest one of the discovery chanel spin offs the military channel has a show, i forget what its called but some of the storys would make great movies.
well that about my 2 bux worth