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Default RE: Blue Max on Cinemax (ww1)

To piggy back on Kitbuilders comment above. To get the general public to see and have financial success at the box office, you need a storyline or side drama, or without you have a History Channel type documentary.

Saving Private Ryan was not only about the DDAY landing, but the fictitious search to rescue Matt Damon's character from being killed.


P.S. Love the Blue Max (and Ursula Andress in her prime)

Bruno Stachel: You've got 18, haven't you?
Willi von Klugermann: Squadron Rule #1, Stachel: Gentlemen never parade their military achievements.
Bruno Stachel: Any rule against... saying how long it took you?
Willi von Klugermann: I would say that was covered by the same rule, wouldn't you?
Bruno Stachel: No. I wouldn't. How many rules are there?
Willi von Klugermann: I don't know: none of them have been written down.