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Default RE: " Club Dues" what do you pay per year

While ~$60/yr or so is not to bad, factor in the AMA's $56 and your looking at ~$116/yr. Now, pretend that your a student somewhere or have a demanding job/family life and don't get to fly much. And don't forget that a third to half of the year is a write off due to weather. The cost per hour of flying time is actually fairly steep.

Example: flying once a month for 1 hour, 8 months a year = 8 hr/yr, $116/8hr = $14.50 every time you fly.

This unfortunate phenomena is what kept me from joining a club the whole 5 years I was at college. It's to bad really, as there were some killer weekends (weather wise) that I could of gone flying if only I had a membership somewhere... I had to fly at parks and schools and stuff which I WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!

Oh yea, two clubs within 30 miles: one is $25 the other is $75.