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Default RE: Reaction 54 Jet Kit

Yes, and we should be thanking you Dave, since you're the one that got the ball rolling on that Kevlar tank!

Not sure if the P-60 burns more fuel than the 70. I've seen reports and heard that the P-60's burn around 9oz a minute. I know my P-70 here in Hillsboro, about 200' elevation, during bench testing at wide open throttle was showing 244.5ml/min which is about 8.2 oz per minute. I was concerned but after my testing, I can't imagin running around at WOT for the whole flight. I had one engine run just on 3/4 tank that was 8 min and that wasn't all at idle either. My half throttle numbers were 75,000 rpm and 144ml/min or 4.9oz per minute. Not sure that will help you, but there it is.