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Default Cirrus Micro Joule flight pack and 2S Li-Po

I would like to install a Cirrus Micro Joule (MJ) flight pack in a 3.5 oz Cox Micro Warbird, using a Micro Joule S-5A2 ESC that is rated for 2S or 3S Li-Po batteries. (Cirrus has a Micro Joule ESC for a 1-cell Li-Po) However, the specs for the MJ FM Receiver show 7 volts maximum. Since a 2S Li-Po produces 8 to 9 volts rather than the rated 7 volts, is this NOT RECOMMENDED? In other words, it seems like the S-5A2 ESC is not meant to be used with other Micro Joule equipment, but instead is meant to be used in a light weight flight pack using another brand of receiver. Am I correct, or does the MJ ESC reduce the voltage to the MJ receiver so the Rx is not damaged?

Anyone already used the MJ S-5A2 ESC with the MJ FM Receiver and had it work? Or burn up?