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Default Dual Channel Crystal and Receiver Question

I have a Futaba 7CAP radio that can run 10 models from it. Currently I only have 1 Electric plane running from it on Channel 50 with a Hitec 05S micro receiver. I am almost finished building a second plane and I have a Hitec RCD Dual Channel Receiver for it. I forgot to purchase the RCD receiver crystal....Well actually I did not read the instructions stating that you can only use RCD Dual Channel Crystals Anyway needless to say nothing works till I order the Channel 50 RCD Crystal.

My question is will I only need to order the receiver crystal or will I have to order a RCD radio crystal also to work with this receiver....I'm not positive but I would think I can keep the crystal thats in the radio in and it should work with the RCD crystal. Otherwise how can I run multiple planes without having to switch crystals all the time?

Any help you can give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.