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Default RE: "Window Cleaner" covering method

The other method you might be after is the 'glass method'

(I've done this a few times, on a few wings..)

Basically, you need a peice of glass. You lay donw the base / large / rearmost peice. you then iron on the other peices / sections and build up a sheet of covering. Pretty much like a quilt; a whole bunch of pieces / sections are used to create a sheet. The edges should overlap no less than a 1/4". Iron donw the seams with medium heat. Then, once teh sheet is done, peel the sheet off the glass. The covering won't stick to teh glass, and the glass won't allow it to shrink when you iron it all down.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you've got it, it's pretty slick!

Don't go crazy with heat & such in the center sections, especially over open bays. The glue can soften, and pull apart as both peices shrink. Get is all as tight as piossible to minimize needing to shrink the middles. (skill in covering comes in handy!!)

Remember to build up the sheet with the seems facing back. A littel CA painted on eh seams can help

Dark colours will show though light colours, so design / build up your pattern accordingly..