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Default New Hyper 7

Havnt been here in a long time, been out the hobby for about two years due to having no money to support it. But I have recently started a part time job after college to get some extra money, and thought getting back into this hobby was a perfect way to spend it!

So before I left I had a hyper 7 sport, with the .21 4 port engine. I converted this to a non pullstart and also upgraded the electronics. But did no other modifications.

I intend to get the hyper 7 sport TQ with the .21 4 port engine again instead of the new mach .28, and convert this to a non pullstart aswell as I liked the old engine I had. But Ive got a few questions id like answering...

- Ive read that the shock oil they give you isnt too good and that alot of people drill out the shock pistons? Is this true? If so, what weight oil do you recommend I use for general driving? I wont be racing as there isnt a track near me, so it will just be on-road/ fields etc so i wont be driving it on rough terrain or anything. What about the pistons?

- I heard they dont fill the diffs with oil in the factory but the diffs are capable of holding oil, once again what weights should I use? I know this normally depends on how you want to drive / track type but could you give me a rough guide?

I think thats all for now...