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Default RE: Trouble with spray bomb painting

You are running into what's called the recoat window. Some types of paint will only accept another coat before a certain amount of time has passed or after. It has nothing to do with your cleaning. On the can somewhere it should tell you just when you can apply more coats of paint. Usually you have only an hour, sometimes more until you can apply another coat. If more time passes the paint is getting into it's curing stage, it's very unstable at that point so when you try to put more on it can wrinkle. My advise is to set the cowl aside for about a week ( yes 1 week ) and let what you have already on there come to a full cure. You should then be able to sand and re-coat. Also watch how wet you are applying the paint - too wet and you are dumping alot of solvent on the finish, that can cause you grief too.