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Default RE: Anyone into HO TRAINS besides the RC HOBBY

NOPE,not into the scale thing.Just wanted a lot of track and to keep it simple.Like to watch the trains go round & round.I can have four trains running at the same time,one on each level.And this is the older type setup where you can only run one at a time per level.The most expensive engine I have on there is $42.00 dollars and some of the little fun switch engines you can buy for $20.00 and they work great.I was a real railroad engineer for 20 years and worked a lot of switch engines,and also the big road engines on the main lines.The biggest train I ever pulled was 155 cars allmost 2 miles long,and over 10 thousand tons.I don't think many engineers have ever had the opertunity to do that.?And that did not include the weight of the 7 engines I was pulling it with.If I remember correctly (I'm retired now and its been a while )some of the bigger road units weighed in at around 389,000 pounds each.If I remember right,3600 HP and they had 20 cylinder engines.Carried 5,000 gallons of fuel,and the crankcase holds about 350 gallons of crankcase oil. Just a little added info for those who might be interested ----------BIGMIG

Just wanted to add--I know these are RC Forums--but this is off topic----I do have and use RC planes,boats,a helicopter and now two tanks.I like all my toys.Have fun as much as you can,I do.