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Default RE: Azzmans LCG Mid Tank Mod

ORIGINAL: silvergagt04

Ok, I am sketching out the layout of the TVP I am going to fab up. I have decided to go with a 15mm motor/trans drop. I have planned a 10mm extension on the front. Now, that means I can use a rear dogbone in the front, right? I am going to use .125" thick, 6061 aluminum alloy for them. What kind of metal did you use? Am I even in the ballpark when it comes to the design of this? Is there anything else you could tell me about that might help me or prevent a problem that I might run into? Thanks...
I stretched mine a total of 11 or 12mm, the rear dogbone is used in the front yes, but it is only 6mm longer, to et the extra 4mm I stretched the back a little more AND the front a little more than 6mm, but you will have to use o-rings or small pieces of fuel tubeing in the hubs to centre the bone.

As for dropping it 15mm that may be pushing it a little, I got 10mm comfortably and personally wouldnt want to file any more of the crossbraces (see pic previous page).

The material I used was some ****ty grade ali I scrounged from the sheetmetal workers down the road, its 3mm thick...