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Default I need some help with my E-maxx

I just recently bought an E-maxx and am having issues with the batteries getting to hot. I'm running the stock gearing with two of the 12t 550 titans wired in parallel and a Novak super duty XR ESC. The motors and ESC are running nice and cool but the batteries are getting so hot the plastic wrap is melting around the base. It's only seems to happen to one pack at a time though. I've had 2 sets of packs get to hot and each time it's just been one pack thats melted the plastic wrap. Also the run times seem very poor. I'm getting maybe 7-8 minutes of good run time before the packs fall off. Is this normal for 3000mah cells? I'm kinda new to electrics and have mainly only ran nitros in the past. Any help or solutions are appreciated.