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Default RE: 69" QQ Yak-54

Dear All,

I finally got to fly the New Somenized 69", Yak-54. I got totall of 4 flights. Flight 2 and 3 are taped for your viewing. Here's my short report on this:

Yak-54 69", Brio Scheme
OS 1.20 AX, APC 16x8
JR 8411s
Duralite 2 cell-2150 Li-Ion
Duralite Heavy Duty Switch and Regulator
AUW w/o SFG 8lbs 13oz

In my first and second flight, plane was a little nose heavy due to a very light battery and a fairly heavy spinner (4.5 oz). Plane would pull towards the canopy a little but show an amazing stability in rolls, hover, harriers, point rolls. Only draw back was nose would drop in flat spins and I needed to push a little harder in inverted flight.

3rd flight I took the spinner off and plane just felt like my 102". Almost perfect CG. I had to lightly push in inverted flight, almost just a touch. Everything felt very easy to do. SFGs did help in harrier and knife edge stability. Made the rolls a little slower which would help those who want to learn 3D flying to have more control over the plane. It was a little harder to start a torque roll with SFG on because of more drag but you could still torque roll the plane. Again another advantage for sports flyer to learn this maneuver and be able to observe the plane torque rolling. Sometimes plane torque rolls so fast and strong that sport flyers are not able to keep up with it. I could get the plane to do that without SFG but if you put the SFG on, you will see a slower torque roll.

Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder were as effective as a 50-100cc plane. Only difference was, plane felt LIGHTER and EASIER to fly.

Quique recommends 17x6 prop but unfortunately my LHS didn’t have one so I test flew the plane with APC 16x8. Prop was lacking static pull but was great for precision flying. I would also recommend 17x6 if you would like to do more 3D than precision.

The only thing I had problem with first 2 flights was the wheel pants After tightening the nut, that problem went away also.

If you are looking for a plane to start learning 3D and Precision, this should be the answer to your need!

We will have this video or another one later on www.QQAircraft.com. For now please watch video number 10 on www.RCModelAviator.com/Videos.html

Plane will be available Mid June!

Reza Gholamipour
Quique's Aircraft Support
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