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Default Cowl/Paint

Here goes,
I'm ready to paint this abs cowl on the Ultra Sport Plus.The cowl is somewhat better quality than some I've seen.

I had an old cowl from a Cloud Dancer ARF thin,greasy and well used. I had some 24 kar gold paint in a spray can that I'd had for some time (Champion brand enamel) and I wanted to check the color match as my U/S is going to be gold with red trim. The color match was more than perfect,blended rite in..

Before I painted the cowl,I cleaned it with fantastic,then alcohol and sanded it till it was dull,then cleaned it with alcohol again and let it dry good. I put a couple of coats of the gold paint on it.No primer at all..Let it dry overnite.
I thought I'd better give the paint job some testing so I poured 10% fuel on it for an overnite soak.Got up the next morning and cleaned the fuel off of it with fantastic.Still lookin good..Then I poured alcohol on it and let it evaporate..STill there.Bent the cowl to see if it would crack..No cracks at all.

What I'm getting to,is would I be safe in painting this new cowl for the U/S with the same procedure.Seemed to work fine before...Reason is,I'v heard you have to prime it first but I didn't and it worked perfectly. What yall think? Did I just luck out with one cowl or should I do the same thing again. Thanx a bunch...Walt