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Default RE: GSP Sukhoi very tail heavy. HELP!!!

well at the risk of being nervous, to say the least, about putting it in the air. I feel like a test pilot flying something that nobody knows what to expect. I'm the guy in kansas.... (no jokes about Dorothy, ok) The pos manual that comes with the plane says cg should be 145 to 150 mm back from the leading edge. So, what I've done so far to get it closer is gone with a FPE 2.4 engine. I built up behind the firewall with a piece of 3/8 ply and moved the rudder servo to make it a pull/pull. It ballances without any extra lead at approximately 6 1/2" but that's getting ready to change tonight. I'm putting on a new fpe 2.4 with a ch upgrade ignition and I'm going to put the ignition and battery in front of the firewall. Also i'm moving from a 7/8" standoff to 1 3/16 standoff. We'll see where that puts us. Comments or tips are welcome..
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