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Default RE: GSP Sukhoi very tail heavy. HELP!!!

when i put the wing together it didn't have a wing tube. It did have an empty tube that houses the servo extentions. i asked dirtypool about measuring back from the leading edge.... a bit of confusion as to the location of the leading edge. the wing is tapered and has a portion of the center section that is notched out with a light ply rib that is epoxied together that fits inside of the fuse in a cutout. My question is should you measure back from the plane of the leading edge of each wing where they intersect or measure back from the leading edge at the fuselage? Dumb question? the manual onle shows the profile of the wing without the fuselage. If its from the fuse side then I've got it to balance at 5" with the 1 3/16 stand offs. I think I'm going back to the shorter standoffs to note the difference. thanks for all your guys inputs.