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Default RE: Please help!!!! my Li po pack won't charge

When you come down and land, between flights, did you remove the battery and turn everything off? I am not 100% sure if the Phoenix 25 does this or not, I am pretty sure it does, but I know for a fact that some other ESC's do. They use a percentage number of the total supplied voltage to estimate the low-voltage cutoff. So when a pack is connected, that is fully charged, the low-voltage cutoff will be programmed correctly. If you fly, land, turn all the gear off, then reconnect the battery without fully recharging it, that percentage for the low voltage cutoff will now be incorrect because you are connecting a battery that is no longer fully charged. So the low-voltage cuttoff theoretically drops lower than it should.

The pack is most likely not ruined. You need to find someone who has a charger that will recognize the pack eventhough it is below 3.0 volts per cell. Then you charge it at a very low rate, 0.2 amps or 200 ma, it should slowly recover and get over 3.0 volts per cell.