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Default RE: GSP Sukhoi very tail heavy. HELP!!!

Well, i gotta be honest with ya, the first thing i did was throw away the hardware that came with the arf. i used all heavy duty aluminum control horns and beefed up the firewall with 3/16 lite ply along with it being pinned with wood dowls. I put a little bigger tires and wheels and a new tailwheel assembly. I built a box for the p/p rudder servo and moved the throttle servo back along next to it just aft of the te of the wing. I beefed up the backing for the wing bolts and also at the landing gear. Just installed the new motor tonight and mounted the ignition and it's battery otside the firewall. The new motor just returned from fpe after being gone through and checked out so I'm pretty sure there wont be any problems with it. The new motor has a bosch cap and plug wire so i hope that is where the rf glitch I had with the old motor came from. The weather is supposed to be crummy and windy tomorrow but Saturday might be its maiden at our club picnic. That way i can have even more pressure on me with everyone there to watch..... We'll see how she'll do. I'm going to another club tomorrow to try and get a good range check. Oh, I did put a plastic throttle cable on from the start too. Special thanks is in order to Norm for being so thorough in his help with my pre flight. Dirtypool, thank you as well fo taking a newbie under your wing and helping out too.