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Default RE: Please help!!!! my Li po pack won't charge

Jam Jam,

Encouraging news indeed. I called Thunder Power today and they told me that they sometimes do the same thing and one possible consequence would be a shortened life span. I also learned that you are supposed to charge the batteries before use. Something I did not do with this pack. I was also on the phone with Castle regarding my Phoenix 25 controller. They told me that the controller cuts off at whatever low voltage point is selected. For me it would be 9.0 v and that number is precise. I doubt that there is/was a problem with my speed controller.

Also breezed through a model magazine today and saw an advertisement for a new li po that will not swell or catch fire. I guess as time goes on things will get better with the battery technology.

Jam Jam, I have the Triton 2 and am wondering how you got the battery to charge at the lower charge rate. All I got on mine was the low battery voltage warning.


Chuck B.