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Default Weak Tail Rotor Response (G90, SA)

So I've got a T-Rex SA with a DX-6 and a G90 gyro. I'm not a big fan of the gyro which I've already disscussed on the forum (401 will be arriving soon). My question concerns tail rotor response. I appear to be getting full range of motion but it really does rotate in either direction with much speed. Its my second tail set and there is no change from the original. I got some comments on turning up the head speed so for stunt mode I'm now running 100-80-100 when I was at 100-65-100 in attempt to make the transition smoother (which it was). Does anyone run larger tail rotor blades? I'm I just fighting the G90 maybe? A different problem? I just kind of figured it should whip around pretty decisively but for some reason doesn't. Any help would be appreicated. I'm running a Digital JR servo on the tail (all digital servo's for the heli).