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Default Traxxas top fuel...too much oil?

I have an earthquake and I picked up some traxxas top fuel 20% to run it. My LHS didn't have anything but the traxxas, so I picked it up.
I'm only half way through the gallon and I had to take out the one way bearing twice already to clean it because of it slipping. I do have the car running a little rich right now, but having to clean the bearing after a tank or 2 is a little excessive isn't it? The bearing is fine because right after cleaning, it will work perfectly for a while.

I read on another thread that the traxxas fuel has like 18% oil (container doesn't say, only says 20%nitro)...and that is fine for their vehicles because they don't have internal one way bearings, and that i should be looking for a fuel with about 8-12%?

I guess my question is, is the fuel the likely culprit of the bearing slippage or is it just because its running rich and another fuel will do the same, and whether I should give the rest of the fuel to my buddy who has a traxxas tmaxx or not.