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Default RE: Traxxas top fuel...too much oil?

hmmm...i just did some testing and it seems that i can get the owb to trun, but i think that the shaft that fits inside the bearing might be worn.......i can only get the bearing to turn with the shaft in a certain position...when i slide the shaft in further, it no longer spins.

I measured the shaft with my micrometer, but it seem to be about the same diameter along the whole length of the shaft (6.000 vs 5.9996) ........now i'm confused.

EDIT: I think i got it fixed now...the pullstart shaft had a brownish ring of stuff on it when i took it off....at first i thought it eas a worn out section. But when i ran my fingernail across, it felt like stuff built up on the shaft. I lightly sanded it with 320 grit sandpaper and now the ring came right off. Now it seems to only turn one way again.

I will put it back together and try it out tomorrow.