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Default RE: Traxxas top fuel...too much oil?

Let me enlighten you on my experience. I am running a Hurricane XP and started off running Top Fuel and ran into the same problem. I had to take of the rear end, extract the bearing, wash it in carb clean then reasemble. when I ran out of fuel I went to Hobbyhaven and asked the person at the desk which fuel they reccomended and told them about my problem. They gave me a bottle of Byron Race 2000. I went home and cleaned the one way bearing and started running the Byron. The first time I ran Byron the oneway bearing was still slipping but i managed to get it started. after each tank the pullstart condition improved and by the 3rd tank the oneway bearing had no slip at all. my hurricane starts by the 3rd turnover with Byron. Just yesterday I talked to a guy who was having the exact same problem with Topfuel. So give Byron a try and let me know if it is correctd before I tell to many people Byron solved my problems. Also remember to retune after you start using Byron because it is a higher quality race fuel (lot more power) I was running 190 with Topfuel and on my switch to Byron I was running 230+. I also Noticed that Byron fuel is alot more toxic so make sure you keep your face out of the smoke till you know how harsh it is.

-Nick Meyer