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Default RE: Traxxas top fuel...too much oil?

Traxxas Top Fuel has too much oil in it and causes slipping in the OWB, because the OWB is on the inside of the engine, you don't need to clean it or replace it. Need to switch to 30% nitro with less oil than traxxas top fuel. If you want to continue using Traxxas Top Fuel you will find that you will have to loosen up the Glow plug to release the pressure in the cylinder to releave some of the tension on the OWB. One thing you can do is when your storing it store it with the back end slightly raised so the oil will seep out of the bearing and the next time you go to start it the OWB will grab better. If you change fuel you will see the bearing start grabbing more often than not and grabbing better. Don't take it apart you don't need to clean it because if you do then you have more problems than a bad OWB.