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I am looking for books or better yet a site or a company that makes decals that can be used for nose art on scale ww11 planes. back in the 80's there was a company that had decals. that was nose art. I am finishing a p61 1/7 scale and would like to put some nose art on it. I have been scherching the mags for nose art but the closest thing I can find is major decals. any help will be appreciated thank you

I have a Byron P-40 that I am planning on doing like the one then Lt Sidney S. Woods flew in the Pacific during WWII and decals are not available for it. Revelle happened to have made a plastic kit of his P-40 and I bought one off of Ebay, NIP. The decals and color docs are in the kit, so I took it to a local air brush artist and showed him what I needed and the size. He quoted me $80.00 to do the nose art on both sides of the Byron P-40 and then clear coat it.

If you have photos or a good description of what you need done, check with an air brush artist in your area. I think that it would be better than decals on a large scale aircraft.