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Default RE: 10th scale AC Racing Sailboats

The 1/10th scale AC boats are active in France, but they are quite a bit larger. Also notice that they are using genoas, which is why I developed the new winch for that sail.

They have been around for some time, but the AC class rules have changed enough that most guys that are interested are heading in that direction. I have setup to make these, plans are printed 1/10 full size and they are HUGE, so not to be out done we did them in 1/8th as well. Don't ask.... it's silly how big it would be. Unless you have a dedicated trailer or transport vehicle, you don't want to try it. My 14' dedicated trailer can barely move the spar. Then there are the 16' test models that were made prior to the boats themselves... they are almost comical... the appear quite similar to a single hull on a Hobie 16, but are slightly LARGER When I had the 10' masts made, I never thought I would be splicing two of them together.... Never say never!

I still send the odd mast over to Italy for these boats, but at last count there were only 10 of them counting the newest built.