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Default RE: li-po for reciever and trans???

Bad analogy. A stove gives off heat. Pretty darn obvious that you left it on, yet people burn their houses down doing it. Nothing shows if you leave a transmitter or a receiver on. If you haven't done it you will. Obviously if I leave only one or the other on in a 4 months time frame it's not like I'm not being careful. Besides I don't own any toy airplanes. At $400 to $2000 a copy it more like an obsession than a toy.

PS EDIT -> Ever leave a basement light on all night? It usually happens when I'm shooting the bull with some of the guys. It interupts my routine and I forget to turn the darn thing off. Usually at the end of the nights flying when I run the fuel out and start the engine up to clear it of any left over fuel in the tank.