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Default RE: li-po for reciever and trans???

I sure don't understand the electrical power requirements ie differences between car and plane transmitters either.
Me either, that is why I was watching this topic.

People here were talking about Futaba 9C and 9303 that are without a doubt more complex radios than a car radio. As to how they work internally I have no clue. All I care is that I have control over my helis, airplanes and cars when I flip the switch. Be it from a LiPo battery, a NiCd, a NiMh, or a LiIon.

If anyone has problems with leaving your radio turned on after flying, that person needs a better safety check list than what you have right now. I bet that that person has had some full throttle starts or radio off starts too. Need I say that in helicopters, that is particularly dangerous?