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Default How to convince the wife, uh, I mean, how???

I'm recently retired and able to do some things I wasn't able to do before, like get back full time into RC. I have flown RC many years, but took a break the last few years before I retired, for some reason.

Preparing for retirement, for about a year I ordered a Warbird kit and engine and necessary misc items to complete it.
When I retired and started building again, I decided I wanted to get another sport flyer going before I jumped on the warbird, so bought another kit, and of course I had to have a new engine for that one too.

I Have a couple of models that I flew a few years ago, but I needed to upgrade and start with new stuff, you know how it is. I mean, they are still there, I’ll fly them someday.

I had an older Super Sportster kit that I decided to build before getting into the warbird. This time I did break out my old YS 120 to put on it. I made sure my wife knew I had had that engine a few years already
Decided to see what this electric fuss was about so I bought a small electric ARF and motor,
and ESC,
and battery,
and another battery.
Oh, and a couple of foamys. (4)
And I have bought a couple of YS engines. I put one in a Goldberg Edge 540 which came apart within 2 minutes on the first flight. Goldberg was at fault, but will not make good. (and that is another story)
Searching for a replacement, and something to put my other new engine in, I have discovered a few ARFs that are just a bit too big or a bit too small for my YS 110, but they sure are neat kits, meaning I also need some more motors if I’m going to get the new airplanes.

Sounds good so far:
But seems whenever UPS shows up at the door my wife is around asking, “You bought another airplane?” “I thought you had one already.” “How much did this cost?” “Are you going to sell your other one?”
Now, let me make myself clear. It’s not like I’m taking food off the table or anything, we can sort of afford everything I have bought. But my wife just doesn’t understand the difference between “I would LIKE to have this or that airplane, or engine,” and “Honey, I NEED this one.” You guys know what I’m talking about, don't you?
I mean, I have agreed to have only one wife, and I haven’t traded her in after 42 years. Surely she can’t expect me to live my life with only one airplane. I mean, a guy has to live. It’s against nature for a man to not have a full harem--, I mean fleet of airplanes and spare engines and parts available and cans of fuel, and glue and tools,
and a warbird kit that will be built someday.
So, why can’t I convince my wife of that?


Tell me??