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i have an hitec hs-55 servo, and of course its too late to return it now, but it kinda got knocked around and the tiny tiny part that stops it from spinning all the way around snapped. now that its the main problem cause i still have that tiny tiny part and a sharp set of eyes, so i believe i can fix it, however, when i pluged it in to see if it was ok, the next problem happened. i turned it on and turned on the radio and it kept spinning and spinning and spinning in one direction. i was able to manually stop it with my finger but it would barely turn the other way and would be very very slow. then if i turned it the other way again it would keep spinning. it would spin at neutral radio input. i dont know if something with the electronics themselves broke or what. but i need help. what do all of you suggest doing besides buying a new servo. im kinda moneyless right now.